XBoft Data Recovery Technical FAQ

  1. I want to recover data from my drive, which module works for me?

    If you accidentally deleted some files, please try Quick Scan module. In other cases, such as partition formatted, corruption, loss, etc., use the Deep Scan module.

  2. How long it will take to complete scan process?

    The time required to scan a drive depends on many factors, such as how many data you saved in this drive and the current status of the drive.

  3. Why the program found a lot of partions?

    When our program finds a file system track, after scanning it will show it as a partition no matter the file system is intact or not. If it finds 10 file system tracks, it will show 10 partitions. If file system is intact, all files in this partition will be shown correctly. If file system is incomplete or corrupted, all files will be in the RAW Files folder and lose their original name. Files in the All RAW Files partition are found over file system, so they lose original names and date.

  4. What does RAW Files mean?

  5. Recovered files can't open in any other supported programs?