XBoft Folder Lock 2.0

Your private file protection expert.

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Shell Integration

Lock and unlock files or folders directly in the Windows Explorer context menu.


Multi-function Encryption

Encrypted files or folders are protected and will not be viewed and deleted.


Lightning Speed

Supports fast encryption and decryption of very large files or folders, which is done in an instant.

Perfect windows shell integration

The software is tightly integrated with the Windows system, whether it is locked or unlocked, it can be done directly through the right mouse button menu. The locked data file keeps the original icon of the system, and the lock symbol is added in the lower left corner of the icon, which is clear and clear.

Multiple encryption methods

Encryption has two methods: Lock and Hide. The data files after Lock are protected from viewing, modifying, moving, copying, and deleting. Hide has higher security, the hidden data files will disappear completely, and can only be unlocked in the main interface of the software.

Folder Lock

Save time managing documents, it's easy

Lightning Speed

Even large files and folders can be encrypted and decrypted in an instant. It is especially suitable for encryption and decryption of large size file and folders, such as video, music, photos, etc.

Lossless Encryption

The software uses the features provided by Windows. When encrypting or hiding files, the contents of the files will not be modified. Therefore, no matter what the operation, the contents of the files will not be damaged, which is absolutely reliable.